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Typ 1603

OpLAB – the multi-talented operational amplifier for experiments in analog circuitry

  • All components and voltage sources are arranged in a way to become functional circuits by merely plugging a few connecting bridges or lines.
  • 5 operational amplifiers are available for setting up the most common OP circuits:
    • OP1: inverting and non-inverting amplifier with variable wiring of resistors
    • OP2: rectifier circuits
    • OP3: integrator / differentiator
    • OP4: comparator circuits with and without hysteresis
    • OP5: D/A converters

    Moreover several Ops can be interconnected for setting up a sawtooth generator for instance.

  • The required input signals for the OP circuits are supplied by two variable voltage supplies integrated in the board or by the Measuring Interface, type 1620.

– Data sheet

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